Making a win-win agreement between all parties involved

The “Winner’s Exchange” is a term borrowed from Cardone University training. In a conversation with our sales team, we applied some questions to the concept to customize the data specifically for our clients.

Winner’s Exchange: When the product or service you sell has more value than the price you are selling it for, you have a process that can be repeated infinitely.

We asked some questions and answers, and Here are some options, and you might add to these with some of your own.

What do people value?

  • Time
  • Quality
  • Choices/Options
  • Money/Security/Freedom
  • Health
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Exposure
  • Return on Investment
  • Experience
  • Loyalty

Our prices are fixed, adn discounting is not an option. That means we need to build value INTO the products and services.

How can you build value into the products and services to exceed the cost with value?

  • Advocacy and surrogacy
    • Promoting and representing our advertisers and clients within our network
  • Sharing information between client networks
    • Sharing events and information by email or social media between our clients and their networks, or on our network
  • Our support team
    • From graphics, editorial, and accounting, our team is available to help make the experience great, and save time
  • Added value
    • Editorial opportunities and product placements that are a win-win for the client, magazine, and readers
    • Placement options: next to related editorial, right hand page, far forward
  • Accessibility and flexibility of service
    • Our team is available nights and weekends, by email, phone and text

In closing sales, and executing on the exchange of value, the goal is to reach the Winner’s Exchange on paper and make it real and ready to close.